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We understand the mobility process can be a sensible and very humane process.

For more than 20 years we have meet hundreds of professional transferees; we have listened and understood their needs. We know how difficult it is to leave everything behind, which is why we work with our hearts to provide human and home relocation experiences.


At LARM Colombia you can find a family that has it all; we offer you comprehensive accompaniment in which you can hire various services in one place, you will have expert advice on immigration regulations, relocation and transfer management from a single point of contact.


¡Mobilizing professional transferees does not have to be complicated!

Welcome, here is where we start to write a new story together!

Learn more about us!


We have advised and accompanied more than 250 clients. 
We count with a team of 35 collaborators who work with the heart. 
We create warm, smooth and humane travel experiences, which places us at a very satisfaction rate, superior to 90%.
We have accompanied more than 400 families providing home experiences.
Our network of 20 external consultants nationwide provide first-hand support to professional transferees 
Our offices are located in Bogota and Medellin, and capability to cover services in any city in Colombia.
We have processed more than 2.000 visas, opening new doors to our professional transferees.

*Information up to december 2019.




Thank you very much for all your support during the process. I sincerely appreciate your accompaniment all this time, your patience and your timely guidance 



"Everything went perfect. Yesterday and

Today I was with Angela, it was an excellent, professional treatment and it exceeded what I expected. I am super grateful for all your help"



Thank you very much for the efforts. The process was very quick and smooth.

Thank you very much for your support.

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