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Apartment or house? How to choose?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

The differences between apartments and houses are quite obvious, as they are two completely different types of housing, However, when we find ourselves in a process of relocation in general, we begin to question ourselves about the type of housing we want for ourselves and in some cases for our family. In this section we will address some characteristics of the 2 properties to make the decision easier:

1. Houses for example are separate buildings, while apartments are a part of a larger building. Usually the houses have a garden or a courtyard, while the apartments do not.

2. The houses have greater privacy than the apartments, as they are separated from the rest of the building. The apartments, on the other hand, share a wall or ceiling with other apartments.

3. Houses are more expensive than apartments as they require more maintenance. Apartments are cheaper than houses, as the owner does not have to worry about maintenance.

4. The houses are larger than the apartments as they have more space for the rooms. Apartments are smaller than houses and have fewer rooms.

5. The houses are more comfortable than the apartments, as noise does not pass between dwellings so easily. In the apartments it is very easy to receive noises from neighbors and this can affect the privacy of the family.

In general, we can say that loved options has positive and negative aspects from the point of view of each family, since if the family is large, requires more space and privacy will opt for a house, however, if the family seeks economy and do not require so much space, will choose an apartment.

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