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Colombian visas for empowered women.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

This month we have highlighted the important role that women play in the family and society in general and how over time they occupy more managerial and professionals spaces, which has led to many professional women being elected to be relocated in different parts of the world to continue contributing to the growth of organizations.

According to the above, in today’s section, we will focus on those Colombian visas that these empowered women can apply to who take on the challenge of relocating to Colombia and bet on a new life.

As we mentioned, there are several categories, each with its own characteristics. The visa category chosen will depend on the needs of the woman, can be used to study at a university or higher education institute. They can also be used to seek employment abroad or to carry out tourist activities.

If you are a professional woman, you have an important work experience and you want to practice your career in Colombia, the Visa (M) Independent professional can interest you. On the other hand, if you have a job offer from a Colombian company or if you are transferred to a subsidiary in our country, you can apply to the Work (M) visa.

Now, if you are an adventurer of the world and you have a remote job with a foreign company, the visa (V) Nomad digital, is ideal for you.

In conclusion, Colombia has a wide range of visas that fits your objectives or intentions to come to the country.

Other visas that might interest you are:

• Visa (M) Mercosur

• Visa (M) Andean migrant

• Visa (V) Volunteer

• Visa (M) Partner or owner

• Visa (M) Investor

• Visa (V) business management

• Visa (V) Estudent

• Visa (V) Holidays and work

At LARM Colombia we have extensive experience in obtaining these visas. You can contact us to receive the best immigration advice for your case by clicking here.

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