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Documents prove a marital union in Colombia.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

If you are a foreigner and you are spouse of a Colombian national/and have thought about establishing your domicile in Colombia, You have most likely heard of the accreditation of the marital union for the visa application but How is such a link demonstrated to government entities? Here we tell you:

There are different documents that allow you to prove a marital union in Colombia. The main and best known is the marriage certificate, a document that accredits the celebration of the marriage and the existence of the marital union.

This document must be issued by the corresponding civil registry and must contain, among others, the following data:

• Date of celebration of the marriage.

• Names and surnames of the spouses.

• Place of celebration of the marriage.

• Nationality of the spouses.

• Age of spouses.

• Marital status.

• Domicile.

It is important to clarify that obtaining this document allows applying the visa (M) Migrant - Spouse, which allows its holder to perform any lawful activity in the country and accumulate time to obtain permanent residence.

On the other hand, there are documents such as public deed, judicial order or conciliation act, which prove a valid de facto marital union to apply for the visa (M) Migrant - Permanent Companion(a) of a Colombian national, which also has an open work permit, but unlike the spouse visa, it is valid for 1 year.

As additional information, the public deed is obtained before a notary, the judicial order before the public administration and the conciliation act before the Chambers of Commerce.

Documents proving a marital union in Colombia are important because they protect the rights of spouses and are key to visa processes as a spouse or permanent partner. Currently the Ministry of Relations of Colombia is being very emphatic and strict with the correct presentation of these documents and with other summary evidence requested from abroad.

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