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Get to know the Vacations- work visa.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

The experience of living and working in another country can be an enriching opportunity that offers a unique perspective and the possibility of immersing oneself in a new culture. For foreign citizens wishing to experience a work adventure in Colombia, the Vacations- work visa is an exciting option. In this article, we’ll explore what Colombia’s Vacations- work visa is all about and how you can take advantage of it to discover all that this fascinating country has to offer.

What is the Colombia Vacations- work visa.?

The Vacations- work visa is a bilateral youth mobility program that allows Colombian and foreign citizens to travel and work temporarily in another country. It is a reciprocal agreement between Colombia and certain countries (Chile, Mexico and Peru, and France) that promotes cultural exchange and promotes mutual understanding among participating nations.

Requirements to apply for the Vacations- work visa:

1. Submit the application through diplomatic or consular representation of Colombia with headquarters or constituency in the country of nationality of the applicant.

2. Letter stating the reasons for your visa application indicating that you have not previously participated in the Program, and meets the age requirement set out in the Agreement, which must range from eighteen (18) to thirty (30) years of age at the time of application.

3. To carry out the commitment format established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is available on the entity’s website.

4. Photocopy or electronic information of the respective departure ticket from Colombia.

5. Bank certification of visa applicant indicating bank average for the last three (3) months above five (5) current statutory monthly minimum wages or the limit set by the Agreement.

6. Where the applicant is a dependent or a guest, a letter from the person inviting or taking responsibility for the alien’s stay and departure from Colombia accompanied by his bank certification.

7. Certificate of judicial, criminal or police record issued by the authority of the country where he has stayed for the last three (3) years with the established apostille or legalization and translation formalities.

8. Health insurance with coverage in the national territory against all risks in case of accident, sickness. maternity, invalidity. hospitalization, death or repatriation, for the time provided for their stay in the country.

9. Commitment format duly processed.

Benefits of the Colombia Vacations- work visa:

Temporary work: The visa allows you to work legally in the destination country, which gives you the opportunity to gain international work experience and improve your professional skills.

Travel and Explore: In addition to working, you can enjoy your holiday and explore the country. This visa gives you the freedom to discover the culture, landscapes and traditions of the place.

Intercultural connections: By living and working in a foreign country, you will have the opportunity to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds, thus expanding your network of contacts and your global understanding.

Personal development: The experience of living in a different country challenges your limits and allows you to grow personally when facing new situations and learn to adapt to an unknown environment.


The Colombia Vacations- work visa is an excellent opportunity for young foreigners who want to experience a work adventure in the country. Not only does it allow you to work temporarily in another country, but it also gives you the opportunity to travel, meet new cultures and broaden your horizons. If you dream of living a unique and enriching experience, research the requirements and opportunities available in the countries that offer this visa and start planning your exciting work adventure abroad. Colombia is waiting for you!

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Resolution 5477 of 2022.

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