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How to validate your Colombian visa?

If you are a foreigner holding a Colombian visa, you may have experienced validate your Colombian visa with the country’s immigration entities, despite having your digital visa or even stamped on your passport. For the above, in today’s section we show you 2 quick and foolproof options to validate your visa before any immigration entity.

Option 1: Many times we think that, to validate a Colombian visa will be necessary to go to the Colombian migration office or Ministry of Foreign Affairs and present the passport and visa, but no, there is a quick validation mechanism that you find directly on your e-visa.

When your visa is published and you access it, a QR code appears at the end and upon scanning it sends you to a verification page. There you must enter the passport number and the verification code that appears in the visa publication email.

Once the information is entered, you will see a note that the visa is valid and a copy in PDF. This information originates directly from the system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs SITAC, which will allow you to prove the authenticity of your visa.

Option 2: Another option, also fast and functional is to go to the browser you trust and put the words " Validación Cancillería" and choose the first link that says " Consultar documento trámite" There you must register the code of your visa that appears at the bottom and usually begins with the letters ZA and the date of issuance of the same.

Once you select search you will also see an annotation that the visa is valid and a copy in PDF.

We hope this information will be very useful for you and you can avoid unexpected situations at any migration point in Colombia and the world.You can contact us to receive the best immigration advice for your case by clicking here.

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