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Let´s know the new visas for the promotion of internationalization.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

With the entry into force of the new visa resolution, there are 2 new categories that have attracted the attention of foreigners, companies, investors and professionals and are the visas for Promotion to Internationalization for categories (V) Visitor and (M) Migrant.

For visa V - Visitor, this subcategory was created for productive activities, innovation or research oriented to the adoption or adaptation of technologies that complement or develop products.

Also processes or services that contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of the country; for activities that contribute to incorporating knowledge into the priorities of national, regional and territorial development plans; or for activities or professions established by the Directorate of Migration, Consular and Citizen Affairs, which contribute to the internationalization of the country.

On the other hand, the M - Migrant visa is focused on foreigners with training at the level of master, doctorate or postdoctoral in basic or applied sciences, engineering, mathematics and related, whose profiles conform to the priorities required by the country in its public and private internationalization plans; or for professionals in pre-established areas by the Directorate of Migration, Consular and Citizen Affairs, whose exercise contributes to the adoption and/or adaptation of technologies that strengthen the country’s competitiveness.

Both profiles have an interesting approach to the country’s development projections and how the support of foreign human talent contributes to the planning, development and execution of these key strategies.

The possible additional requirements for the study of these visas and if there are additional steps for their application are not yet clear but we will be communicating any changes or related relevant information.

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