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Meeting LARM family: Angela Niño.


I am Angela Maria Niño, I work at LARM COLOMBIA as relocation specialist two and half years ago. I am an independent, outgoing, and art lover woman who loves to help and serve people. Thanks to my job at LARM I have been able to combine my knowledge and experience about law, customer service and biliguialism.

As a professional in Laws I found in LARM the perfect way to practice my knowledge helping the people who arrive to Colombia on their new home rental lease contract processes assuring they can understand the local laws for avoiding inconvinients. More than the legal matters, LARM allows me to share each day with people from different kind of cultures and teach them the wonders that has my country and its people.

The sense of service to others has always been a part of my life since I believe we have to support all the people around us, not only with our academic or empirical knowledge but also, with an advice, a smile or an encouragement word.

Precisely,the mixture of my interest on cultures and the will to serve the others, coused that in a period of my life I decided to work on cruises around the world. It was an experience that turned me into a stronger person and let me understand the love that I have for the diversity of human beings and the variety of customs that exist. I comprehended that even there are cultural differences, all the problems can be solved checking the perspective of the other partie and been tolerant with others believes.

When I share with families who have the uncertainty of arriving to an unknow country, with different costums and sometimes different languages, I understand that informing, taking care of them and remembering my experiences out of my country is the way I can turm the begining of a new period of their families lives into a positive and unforgetable memory. This is the way how in LARM we turn into your home everywhere!

This is me, a member of the large LARM family, who day by day we work to make your transfer an easy, comfortable and efficient process. Recalls that:

LARM, your home away from home!

If you want to know more members of our LARM family, you can enter here

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