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Most common scenarios in which Colombian visas are inadmissible.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

25 years of experience have taught us that the success of approving a visa in Colombia cannot be 100% insured because there are several factors that can hinder obtaining a positive result in applications.

For example, each immigration officer analyzes and studies each visa application differently. What for one may be a very complete request, for another may be unfinished. There are also cases in which diplomatic relations play an essential role, issues such as reciprocity in granting visas between countries can affect responses.

However, experience of course allows, through proper management and proper presentation of documents, the risk of receiving an inadmissibility or rejection of a visa to be reduced, but there are still situations that lead to a refusal by the Ministry. Today we tell you what are some of these situations that you should avoid to increase the probability of success in your visa application:

1) One of the most common situations in which visa applications are inadmissible is the submission of incomplete documentation. Before uploading any application and paying for their study, make sure to attach the documentation requirements in full.

2) Another very common error that is presented is the incongruity of data, often due to human error a nationality is placed in the application that does not correspond, a spelling error in name or surname and incorrect typing of the passport number.

3) Turning to the issue of documentation, while ensuring that it is enclosed in full, it is also vital to ensure that each of the documents uploaded are readable to the immigration officer.

4) Keep in mind the new migratory changes, in particular cases it is not possible to change the visa category within Colombian territory.

5) Often the immigration officer requires more information or documentation to give a study response. It is very important to comply with the requirement as fully as possible and within the time indicated.

Finally, in some situations the Ministry issues the following concept of the study "Inadmissibility or rejection by discretionary power". In other words, it is by authority of the Government that it is decided not to grant the visa, the documentation can be in order and the requirements can be met, however, before this response there are no replacement resources.

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