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Rights and duties you will have when obtaining your Colombian nationality.

We want to share some of the rights and duties you must abide from the day you take your oath and become Colombian. You must keep in mind that the maximum will be to comply with what is stipulated in the Political Constitution of Colombia of 1991. In this case, the Constitution has established from its TITLE 2 everything related to RIGHTS, GUARANTEES AND DUTIES.

We have FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS, some of these are:

  • The right to life is inviolable. There will be no death penalty.

  • All persons are born free and equal before the law, shall receive the same protection and treatment from the authorities and shall enjoy the same rights, freedoms and opportunities without any discrimination on grounds of sex, race, national or family origin, language, religion, political or philosophical opinion.

  • Peace is a right and a duty of obligatory fulfillment.

There are also other types of rights, such as social, economic and cultural rights that you can validate in Title 2, chapter 2 of the Constitution or collective and environmental rights that you will find in chapter 3. All the above-mentioned rights are protected and must be applied in accordance with those established in the same rule, in Chapter 4.

However, by having rights you will also obtain responsibilities and duties that you must comply with and that are duly broken down in chapter 5 of the Constitution, such as:

  • Respect the rights of others and not abuse their own.

  • Act in accordance with the principle of social solidarity, responding with humanitarian. actions in situations that endanger the life or health of people.

  • Defend and spread human rights as the foundation of peaceful coexistence.

  • Participate in the political, civic and community life of the country.

We invite you to read these sections of the constitution so that you can learn more about all your rights and duties as Colombians.

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