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Top 5 recommendations to consider if you are moving to Medellín.

Medellin has become not only one of the most favorite tourist destinations for foreigners but has also become one of the favorite cities to live indefinitely in Colombia.

Known as the city of eternal spring, home to renowned events such as the flower fair and adorned with the magnificent sculptures of renowned artist Fernando Botero, Medellín is one of the cities that offers a great experience of life, not only for its climate, but for the quality and culture of its people, wonderful places that stand out internationally and important advances in transport such as the metrocable and metro of Medellin.

Therefore, if you are thinking of moving to Medellin, you cannot miss the following recommendations:

1. Transportation:

  • Getting around the city of Medellin is very easy, it has options such as:

  • Medellin Metro

  • Integrated system of complete transport composed of: metrocables, trams, public bicycles and buses with preferential lanes.

  • The yellow taxis for which we recommend you always have cash.

2. Food:

The paisa food is a favorite of the country with representative dishes such as the paisa tray, the mondongo and the arepa paisa. The gastronomy of the region has a great influence of the former peasants and muleteers.

3. Activities you can do:

  • Spend a full day in Guatapé and take the best selfies in the peñol stone.

  • Have a guided tour in a coffee plantation.

  • Get to know the small town of Paisa.

  • Walk through commune 13, which offers a great experience of dancing and street art.

4. Recommended neighborhoods:

Some of the best neighborhoods in the city are:

  • Laureles

  • El Poblado

  • Robledo

  • Belén

  • La América

  • Buenos Aires

  • Candelaria

  • Aranjuez

In Medellin the real estate offer is diverse and varied, however not at all economic, the rental fees in strata 3 or 4 can range from $1.300.000 to $2.500.000 pesos per month, for strata 5 and 6 can reach up to $18,000,000 depending obviously on each property.

For the purchase of Housing prices on plans in a sector stratum 3 or 4 this from $ 250,000,000 COP for an apartment of 55 meters, to $ 800,000,000 COP for the largest and most comfortable versions, If we talk about properties in exclusive sectors such as El Poblado or Laureles, the most ostentatious properties can easily reach $10,000,000.000 COP, going through many lower prices.

5. Schools:

Some of the best schools in the city are:

  • Alcaravanes School (Envigado)

  • Benedictinos de Santa María School (Envigado)

  • Leonardo DaVinci bilingual school (Envigado)

  • Cumbres School (Envigado)

  • Fontan School (Envigado)

  • Sagrado Corazón Montemayor School

  • San José de las Vegas School (Sede el Escobero)

  • San Jose de las Vegas School (Sede Medellín Av. Las Vegas)

  • Gymnasium Campestre Montesofia

  • Lycée Français

  • Vermont School

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