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Women: Family and business leaders.

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

March 8 arrives, date in which we remember that, women in society have a fundamental role, since they are the lighthouse of life that historically have formed and raised the people who maintain and develop our world. In addition, they bring a different vision to problem solving, making society more equitable.

Although the role of women has been associated with and cared for by the family, today they are key players in organizations, occupying managerial positions, leading companies in different sectors to be really successful. This is due to the wonderful qualities and competencies that women possess, for example, they are more patient and more oriented to conflict resolution, have a great ability of organization and productivity when executing several activities simultaneously and are usually more empathetic so usually the areas of HR are led by women.

In addition, in many companies in Colombia and the world, there are more women than men and some studies have shown that thanks to this situation companies are more productive and efficient.

In short, women have a fundamental role in society, not only in caring for families and raising children, but their participation in all aspects of humanity is imperative. Day after day the struggle of women takes more strength achieving its goal of equity and dignity at social, labor, political, economic and cultural level; to this are added women of all ages, ethnicities, races, creeds, etc... Those who will surely achieve extraordinary things while maintaining the unity, perseverance and hard work that has always characterized them.

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