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5 items to consider when hiring a foreigner in Colombia.

This article is aimed at people who work in the areas of Human Resources, Compensation and Benefits, Global Mobility, administrative areas of companies, and any other that within its responsibilities falls the logistics to bring and receive a foreigner in Colombia who comes for work.

There are several visa modalities that a foreigner can use to enter and stay in Colombia for labour issues; and related to this is the other additional documentation that the foreigner and the contracting company must consider. In addition, several Colombian government entities are involved in an immigration process involving a foreigner arriving in Colombia. However, in general terms the main requirements may be the same, or at least very similar. In this blog post we will explain which are the main documents that a company should consider and which Colombian government entities are involved in the migratory processes of a foreigner arriving in Colombia.

The first requirement that must be considered is the visa. In Colombia there are several categories of visa (M) Migrant, (V) Visitor and (R) Resident. The type of visa chosen for the entry of the foreigner to Colombia will depend on factors such as: How long he will be in the country, what activities he come to perform, and whether or not he will have a work contract with the company with which he will work in Colombia. And the visa is managed before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, or as an alternative, before the consulates of Colombia in other countries.

After defining the type of visa, you should think about the Foreign ID Card. This is the document that will allow the foreigner to identify himself in Colombian territory; and this will depend on the time spent in Colombia. That is, if the person is granted a visa for more than 90 days, then he must obtain his Foreign ID Card from the Colombian Migration Office.

Third, we find the SIRE record. "SIRE is a web application published on the Internet which allows users to report foreigners with whom they have a relationship". This report must be made to La Oficina de Migración Colombia and is the responsibility of the contracting companies.

Fourth, there is the RUTEC report to the Ministry of Labour of Colombia. RUTEC is the registration of foreign workers formally hired in Colombia, which unlike RUTEC is not a process of migratory regularization, but it is a process that ensures that the rights of foreign workers in Colombia are respected.

Finally, whenever you are going to hire a foreigner in Colombia it is important to know what his undergraduate degree is. As in Colombia there are professional councils such as CPAE, CPIQ, CPIP, ACIEM, COPNIA, among others, and these are the ones that regulate the exercise of professions in the country. And it is before the different Professional Councils that the procedure of Validation of Title, Obtaining of Work Permit or Professional Registration should be made depending on the degree that the foreigner possesses and the period for which he will stay in Colombia.

In general terms it can be said that Colombia is a friendly and receptive country with foreigners; as government entities are concerned with transmitting clear information on requirements and necessary documentation for the hiring of a foreigner in Colombia. However, our advice will always be to rely on an expert to perform these migratory processes in search of time optimization, error reduction, and avoid money loss.

At LARM Colombia we have a warm and specialized team on migration issues that is willing to solve doubts without any cost. If you are starting an international transfer process for a foreigner, we invite you to contact us here.

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