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American tourist visa: updates and recommendations.

For the Colombian citizens, and Latins in general, visiting the United States of America is still an important dream to achieve. However, by migratory regulations, those who wish to visit the USA must have a valid, and the activities allowed will be only the ones under that category. One of the most popular categories that are processed at the United States embassy in Colombia is the B1/B2, which is generally valid for 10 years.

Since COVID-19 began, the waiting time to attend this type of appointment has been very long, exceeding 2 years. However, the American government has made efforts to reduce these waiting time, which has allowed appointments for renewals to be reduced to up to 6 months. However, first time visa appointments are still 2.5 years away.

If you are a Colombian national or reside in Colombia under a permanent visa category, we recommend you the following for when you decide to start your visa process:

  • To have a valid passport

  • To have documentation that demonstrates strong links with Colombia and that your intention of visiting the States is strictly the authorized under the requested visa category.

In LARM Colombia we want to support your dreams. For this reason, we are ready to advise, guide and support you with your application for a tourist visa to the United States.

LARM, your home away from home!

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