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5 key aspects to ensure a successful transfer of your work team.

In this week’s article we want to tell the people who work in the areas of Human Resources, Compensation or benefits and who have processes of expatriation or international mobility, 5 keys for these international transfer processes to be successful.

I dare say that only people who work or have worked in the global mobility industry know how stressful an expatriation process can be. Well, besides being a very sensitive issue for the company that needs to make the transfer, it is extremely delicate for the family that is accepting the challenge of moving. Here are 5 keys that you can start to consider if you have a process of expatriation nearby:

1. We are moving people. Understanding that those who are moving are families made up of people who have feelings, fears and worries is the key. As obvious as it sounds, it is important that we recognize that making them an international transfer process requires empathy, active listening, maintaining active communication in two ways, understanding needs, uncertainties, fears, offering solutions. Additionally it is important to understand the family composition, whether it is a single person who is moving, whether it is a couple without children, a couple with pets or a large family with children. For the needs of each type of family will be different. Also, we recommend taking into account your children and spouses; understand the ages, their tastes, preferences and hobbies to make the transfer more enjoyable.

2. Having a clear mobility policy is the key to avoiding misunderstandings. It is recommended that the policy has guidelines, ranges, floor and ceiling benefits, and that the person in charge of coordinating the international mobility is clear about how to act. And the family that is being moved knows where the benefits start and where the benefits that the company will grant will end.

3. Anticipating. Acting early enough can save headaches. This will allow planning, and time for action to correct, or change the course of some decisions prior to the arrival of the family to their destination country. It is important to keep in mind that the international relocation process does not begin when the family has already arrived in their destination country, but months before, when they are in the planning and decision-making phase of accepting to move to a new country.

4. Rely on an expert supplier. Normally the areas of HR, or compensation and benefits have a large list of other tasks that are above the level of importance and do not allow to go into detail of key aspects of the relocation process. If you hire an expert supplier this company will have the team members, experience, knowledge and time to attend to any detail. When choosing an external provider it is important to consider the following aspects:

a. To be a recognized enterprise.

b. Having a track record, which will give the provider the experience and this experience will allow the provider to recognize if the company’s policies are aligned with the domestic and global market.

c. To be able to align with company policies.

d. A company which has established quality, control and evaluation processes to ensure that the service provided to the family will be carried out in the best way.

5. Empathy and communication. Finally, the most important recommendation is that the people in charge of coordinating the relocation process, understand that the families that are moving are practically leaving their lives behind. Their family, friends, customs, the person who already knew how to do his haircut, the place where he got the perfect cuts of meat for the roast, among others. Therefore, it is our responsibility to make the relocation process a smooth, enjoyable and accompanied transition. The last thing we want is for this accompanying process to be a source of more anxiety for the families who are relocating. This is why it is important to be empathetic and have good communication. Based on the more than 20 years of experience that in LARM Colombia we have providing relocation services, we can affirm that a significant percentage of relocation processes do not reach a good conclusion, because the spouse or children are unable to adapt to the new city. This is why the fifth key is empathy and excellent communication.

If you have doubts about how to handle your relocation process, at LARM We have an expert team that is willing to help you. Contact us here.

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