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5 Moving tips to anticipate the global mobility.

When planning an employee relocation has never been easy, specially when it comes to all the variations each country has gone through recently. According to our experience, we address 5 moving tips that can bail you out to support your employees the best way.

1. Planning Team from the start:

It is important to involve the departments that will highly play a role in the decision taking, their input will help you discuss and resolve any issues that may arise during the process and prepare you to anticipate to any unforeseen circumstances. It is recommended to meet once a week to follow up/update the timeline or checklist.

2. Investigating the new place call “home”:

There is a lot of aspects to bear in mind before posting the job offer …make sure the new location will be attractive to your employee and his family. Think of the core areas that are important for someone or a family nucleus when moving to a new place like: location, climate, language, economic (tax), health, society, etc., it is important to do a great investigation as that will give your employee familiarity and will lower the anxiety. We recommend you plan a look and see trip or a virtual navigation tour to explore the new location.

3. Relocation partner is a Key:

A reliable relocation partner is key when planning the moving package, specially involving them earlier as their expertise will help you mitigate unexpected issues and will support you set a realistic benefit package according to the employee’s needs and new destination demands. Communication is vital and strategic move may bring a great outcome.

4. Departure and Arrival:

Besides to planning the employee’s arrival to the new destination, it is important to plan their departure from the place of origin, therefore we recommend you socialize with the employee and the family, what worries them to leave their home? probably will be to rent/sale their home, closing their bank accounts, their kids transition process, moving with their pets, etc. Taking this into account, will help you putting all the priorities together and cover each of them at a timely manner.

5. Culture integration:

The culture integration process takes an important part of the relocation process as it gives you the opportunity to empower your employee in the new location knowledge. Find ways to provide them coaching services that will support not only on integrating them withing the company, but the new destination community.

For more moving tips, do not hesitate to contact us for more information on anticipating your employee’s relocation.

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