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5 points to consider for income statement this 2022.

If you follow us for some time on social media or have been our customer, you know that when you are transferred to Colombia or any other country for a long time, you will have tax obligations, which you must meet according to the dates stipulated by the governmental entities.

In Colombia, for example, a natural person (regardless of his or her nationality) will be considered a Colombian tax resident when he or she remains in the country for more than 183 calendar days during any 365 consecutive calendar days. According to the above and depending on the time you have been in national territory, you must have on the radar taxes such as:

  • Exogenous information or in magnetic media.

  • Wealth tax (For the 2022 tax calendar, the wealth tax will not have to be paid, thanks to Law 2155 of September 14, 2021, also known as the Social Investment Law).

  • Income statement.

  • Property tax.

  • Vehicle tax.

Now, today we want to emphasize in the Tax Return, landing 5 important points that you must take into account to present it this year:

1. Review the conditions established by the DIAN to identify if you must file your tax return as:

  • If you had an income of more than $50,831,000 during 2020. Equivalent to a salary of approximately $3,630,000 per month.

  • If the value of your assets exceeded $163,386,000 as of December 31, 2021.

  • If the total value of your purchases and consumption exceeded $50,831,000 during 2021.

  • If the total value of your credit card purchases exceeded $50,831,000 during 2021.

  • If the total value of your appropriations or bank transfers received exceeded $50,831,000 during 2021.

2. From 9 August to 19 October, these are the dates laid down by the DIAN for the filing of personal income tax returns.

3. Remember that the dates are subject depending on the last digit of your NIT. You can consult the tax calendar of this year by clicking here.

4. It is advisable to periodically check the DIAN page, your email and text messages at this time.

5. Having the support of tax experts will ultimately make this process easier, faster and more agile. You can contact us here for personalized advice.

We hope these recommendations and information will be very useful for you and help you clarify the tax landscape in Colombia and the filing of your income statement this 2022.

LARM, your home away from home!

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