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5 recommendations to plan a Colombian novena.

In Colombia the Christmas season is one of the most awaited of the year and celebrated in style. That is why, perhaps, you have heard a very famous phrase that says "Since September feels like December" which is an iconic jingle generated by the radio station Olympic estero and which summarizes the excitement of a whole country for Christmas.

An essential part of the Christmas celebration of course are the novenas, which originally and as in many countries, is celebrated by Catholic tradition but that over the years and as only Colombians know how to do it, we have integrated this tradition with joy, gastronomy and folklore of our country, so many Colombian homes are prepared in advance to celebrate the novenas with family, friends and often even with neighbors.

Since the novenas begin on December 16, today we bring you 5 recommendations infallible so you can carry out a Colombian Christmas novena and your guests are amazed:

1) The first thing is that in your house you have ready the Christmas tree and the manger because around them it is customary to pray the Christmas novena. (If you want to know the tradition of the manger click here)

2) Get the novena. It is a small book that contains the order of prayers, joys and carols that composes the novena. You can buy this in supermarkets, online, at this time they usually sell it at traffic lights in cities, etc...

3) It is important to have maracas, tambourines, small drums and if you have musical skills even a guitar for the time of the carols.

4) It is recommended that for the novenas you have fritters, custard and sometimes tamales. Surely your guests will be fascinated.

5) You can coordinate with your family and wear a similar garment, in Colombia they usually like Christmas hats and scarves.

And ready, with these recommendations you will have a very Colombian novenas celebration that you will surely love and your family too.

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