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At LARM we do things with the heart

Living a relocation experience, whether international or local, is a process that can be difficult, generating anxiety and uncertainty. Changing your workplace, the city where you live, leaving your children's school or your partner leaving his job are certainly factors that exacerbate anxiety.

Once you have made the decision to accept that job opportunity in another country or in another city, you share the news with your family and begin to think, What will this new city be like? will we find the soccer classes that my children love so much? Will we like it? will I find a restaurant where they prepare the steak the way my partner likes? Will we adapt to the rhythm of this new city? ...

More than 20 years of experience helping transferred professionals and their families have made LARM Colombia´s team understand these anxieties and feel them as their own. These years have taught us that empathy and active listening are the key to offer peace of mind to Transferred Professionals. But the secret touch: doing things with the heart. Every day we get up to work for our transferred professionals and their families. “Our” Transferred Professionals, because even though they are transferred through another company, for the LARM Colombia team they become our family, our reason for being and for whom we work every day.

And this is how vice versa the LARM Colombia team also becomes the first family of the Transferred Professionals in their new destination. We are that first friendly hand that leads them to have an approach to the new city; we are that mother who explains to them where it is better to shop; we are that grandmother who tells you which are the best restaurants in the city; we are that close friend with whom they are in permanent contact after their arrival to know how they are.

At LARM Colombia we do things with our hearts because helping foreigners and their families make their arrival in a new city easier is what moves us every day. That is why at LARM we are your home away from home!

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