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At LARM we work with quality.

At LARM Colombia we care about providing the best service satisfying the needs of both our clients and our transferred professionals and for this reason we constantly seek to improve our services and for this reason we have been working for more than seven years under an integrated management system, with ISO 9000 ( ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015;ISO 45001:2015; ISO27001:2013) , being aligned to these Quality Management standards have allowed us to increase the efficiency of our processes and the satisfaction of both our clients and the transferred professional guaranteeing the quality of our service.

Having implemented an Integrated Management System under ISO 9000 standards has allowed us to establish, maintaining and improving our processes and services and a process-oriented approach.

The importance and priority we have given to the Integrated Management System has guided us to quality, we have been able to identify the root of the problem and therefore, find a solution and this leads to continuous improvement and the efficiency and effectiveness of our service.

What does it mean for LARM ISO 9000?

This integrated quality management system is intended to monitor the progress of our service as you go through each stage of the service, it is the continuous improvement, We are always looking for ways to make these processes more efficient and effective so continuous improvement is a standard requirement to inspire our progress and the pursuit of perfection to meet the needs and ensure the quality of our service.

LARM, your home away from home!

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