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Change of president in Colombia, paradigm change in international mobility.

On August 7, the elected President of Colombia Gustavo Petro will take his position. After having won with a small difference versus its main opponent, the Colombian population remains both with expectations and with uncertainty. Well, as we know, this is the first time that a leftist government has won in Colombia; a country that has been characterized by being traditionalist and mainly right-wing.

In today’s article we want to analyse the new president’s government plan from the international perspective, since it is the one that is directly related to our industry, the international mobility industry. From the outset, we must affirm that with the change of president, there will be a change of dynamics for Colombia. While President Petro states in his government plan that he will maintain international relations with neighbouring countries and brothers in a cordial manner and without interfering in their internal affairs, it is to be emphasized that he manifests a very marked tendency to protectionism, both labour and local services and products. This directly implies that imports of both products, labour and people will be reduced.

It is precisely at this point that we see the paradigm shift, because in its objective of protecting the Colombian workforce, President Petro proposes to invest in education and digital technologies to train Colombians, professionalize these activities and thus achieve being an exporting country of high quality services, and thus access international markets. Moreover, the government plan states that the Free Trade Agreements will be reviewed, and work will be done to improve the competitiveness of Colombian companies, in order to give them a better position in international markets. All this, shows us an opportunity as a country to grow internationally, to have better positioning. And it is here where we begin to see the dynamics of the transfer of Colombian people to other regions of the world.

When this transfer of Colombians out of the country occurs, it is where companies like LARM Colombia will play an important role of support, guidance and accompaniment of Colombians in their international movements. LARM is ready to play a friendly role in migration issues and advice so that entrepreneurs have their immigration documents regularized and can travel to other countries either for training, business, fairs, exports, etc.

With this we see how with the change of president and political tendency in Colombia, there will also be a paradigm shift in the international transfer of people. Surely now the balance will change, and in Colombia we will be exporting much more talent, services, and products, than we had been receiving in recent years.

If you are a Colombian who is thinking of internationalizing your company, leaving the country for business, or tourism, write us to receive personalized advice at no cost.

LARM, your home away from home!


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