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Coming back home

It is not easy to get away from our homes, our families, our friends, our coworkers, and even more so when this estrangement occurs because of a global pandemic where uncertainty overwhelms us. However, in the midst of this imposition for everyone on the planet, there is a particular group for whom this situation becomes much stronger and is for the transferred professionals. Those who are in our country with the desire and need to return to theirs with their loved ones, but who are disabled because of the closure of air borders.

If you are part of this group, do not lose faith and hope: there is always a way out at the end of the tunnel and you can be part of the so-called humanitarian flights that are being managed today; flights that will take place during the time that commercial flights are not open to public and that in the case of Colombia will be until August 31st, 2020. Not only our compatriots have the opportunity to arrive to the country, you, who live and work here but you need to travel, also have the opportunity to get to yours.

To facilitate the process required by commercial airlines that carry out humanitarian flights, different service routes have been drawn up with the diligence and compliance of protocols, beginning the process by contacting the corresponding consulate, checking the viability of the flight, its approval, assigned itineraries, health protocols and isolation, among others.

Our company, which for years has been supporting foreigners with the whole process of accommodation and accompanying them in Colombia, is no stranger to the consequences of the global pandemic. To you, foreigners, we owe, you are our reason for being and we do not want to abandon you right now.

If you want to be part of any of these flights, keep in mind that they are exceptional, that they are not available every day, that the cost of the tickets must be paid by the users ... Do not hesitate to contact us, request our guide, let us know how LARM Colombia that is your family can shake hands to help.

We want to support your return to home!

¿Do you whant to receive more information about humanitarian flights? ¡Get in touch!

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