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Committee of New Projects and Innovation.

Each of LARM's collaborators, from their role in the different areas no matter what, in the execution of their day-to-day tasks begins to identify various opportunities for improvement or implementation of new elements to upgrade processes and/or offer new things. These ideas were transmitted to other colleagues, direct managers or simply stayed in the mind and it began to be noticed that support was required to turn them into structured projects, channel them and support them so that they became real. This is how the Projects Committee was born.

Today we invite you to meet our Committee that conformed in the following way:

  • Angelica Escobar - Country Manager

  • Juan Sebastián Trompa - Community Manager

  • Laura Castro - Immigration Specialist

  • Carolina Leon - Senior Relocation Specialist

  • Clara Villalba - Relocation Specialist

The interest is none other than to support the growth of this that we feel as our great family, not only with the external client with ideas that generate improvements in processes and new services, but also with the internal client, that is, for us, LARM employees.

Since its inception days before the pandemic in 2020, the Committee has had the interest of all members of the company and has been able to successfully develop the ideas of those who have raised them. These ideas have made it possible to open new lines of business in response to the situation presented and which today, a year later, are fully structured. It has also allowed us as a family to share leisure and learning spaces.

This has been of great importance and support since the Committee became a leader so that projects have a captain and a direction and do not go like a ship without a rudder and without a structure.

Your ideas can also be heard and taken into account, because you are part of this great family and LARM is your home everywhere!

LARM, your home away from home!

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