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Copia de Trascendiendo las relaciones laborales

For LARM, the management of human talent is of great importance in the work development of employees, we not only want to promote our services with greater success, but also the skills, talents and preferences of our employees. We are convinced that by focusing on these aspects we will achieve more motivated and happy employees in their work. Additionally, we seek that our relationship as a “family of families” transcends labor relations.

Employees spend most of the day at their jobs, where they frequently face various types of problems, in this scenario, inconveniences abound and we often forget to anchor what we want as an organization and what employees want, we must work from your strengths to enhance your talent

For this reason, we have considered it important to establish strategies that allow us to have a closer relationship with collaborators, in order to identify strengths, tastes, talents, preferences and work from what intrinsically motivates them, identify what they are strong for and what is what they enjoy the most, what is important and what is important for each one, how they are connected by their interests, among others

Among these strategies are:

  • In conjunction with the Management and Human Resources, spaces were created to have a chat with each of the collaborators, where we learned about their tastes, preferences, what motivated them in their work and this allowed us to know them comprehensively and identify their potential and preferences, which will be very useful in the short and / or long term in opportunities for both professional and personal growth

  • We create a space that we call "How much do we know each other" where each employee tells us about their talents, hobbies and some personality characteristics, this space has allowed us a greater approach and knowledge of the team

  • We have worked hard to generate Empathy, with a more open and constant communication, so that all collaborators know what is being done, that they feel integrated

  • Reinforcing creativity, employees are free to propose new ideas, they feel involved and involved

  • In these moments of crisis, we have been attentive to know how they feel, how they are, generating spaces where they can express their positive and negative emotions, being human is our focus.

At LARM we are a family of families. And like a true family we take care of our own.

¡LARM es tu hogar en todo lugar!

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