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Delivery of properties

To receive a property in rent, you can count on LARM Colombia, who always sent an expert in the real estate issue to accompany you and cover all the requirements in favor of our transferee.

The following are the most important aspects to consider when receiving your new home:

  • Be sure that the lease is signed by the parties and this process is successfully completed.

  • Letter from the landlord to the administration presenting the person or family members as new tenants.

  • Taking of an orderly and clear inventory where it is recorded the state in which the property found it and the furniture if it is a furnished housing, at the time of receiving it. The parties must keep copies.

  • Photographic record of all internal areas of the house that will serve as support in the future at the time of the delivery of the house.

  • Review that all utilities such as energy, hot and cold water, gas or boiler are functioning properly.

  • Receive and test keys of the entrance, parking spaces, deposits and/or parking cards, deposit and facilities offered in building or set.

  • In addition, it is necessary to request in advance the manual of coexistence of the building or set and operating manuals or specifications of elements such as water heater, furnaces, gas systems, water pumps, among others.

Remember that at LARM we support you with all tasks related to the delivery of your property. For more information write to

LARM, your home away from home!

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