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Departure service: Thank you for coming.

We have always heard that changes are always good as they bring with them new experiences and learning. At LARM we understand that when the time comes to leave Colombia, a professional and his family have a thousand things in mind to worry about and that they must organize: moving, new home, new schools, universities, expectations about where they are going, moving pets and nostalgia to leave friends and familiar places, etc.

This is why we have our Departure Service available, where we try to take a burden off the professional and their family by supporting them in a technical part of the process, so that they can be more attentive to the other issues they have in mind. This is how LARM Colombia takes care of the following aspects:

  • We notify the lessor about the termination of the contract within the established parameters

  • We coordinate temporary accommodation reducing the time spent between leaving the property and the final trip

  • We notify the withdrawal of the colleges and / or universities and request the documents required for the new school

  • We support the cancellation of local registration (visa, RUT, bank account)

  • We notify the cancellation of subscription services and deliver the corresponding equipment (for example: internet, television, affiliation to magazines, newspapers)

  • We perform provision of public services calculus, amount that must be left after departure

  • We coordinate the departure of the move (furtinure, clothes, appliances, etc.)

  • We coordinate the return of rented furniture and / or appliances

  • We carry out a pre-inspection visit in order to evaluate the condition of the property and we review what are the arrangements that tenant should do

  • We coordinate quotation and repairs

  • We handover property to landlord

So if your time has come to leave Colombia and explore new paths, options and grow, you can rest easy leaving the aforementioned processes in our hands and if you have something additional in which you want us to support you, do not hesitate to contact us.

LARM, your home away from home!

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