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Do you have a property and you don't know what to do with it? We can help you.

Well, first of all we must say that, if you have capital to invest in a business, and you want to take a low risk, buying a house to rent is a very good option to capitalize your money, since this is a fairly safe investment, it generates stability and good profitability.

So to put this asset (property) to rent in the best way we can help you since through our work we know and handle the real estate market

Some people have a little fear or uncertainty when renting, such as, for example, what will the fair value be? How to make sure I have a good tenant? What should I take into account when making the rental contract?

To rent a property in the best way, we advise you to take into account the following points:

1. Define the rental fee according to a market study, it is important to know the area, the offers of other properties and their specific characteristics

2. Promote the property in the best and fastest way to rent it either through a specialized real estate rental platform, through a real estate agency or personally on their social networks such as IG, FB and wapp, make sure you have some good photos, very bright and have all the information regarding the property, its characteristics, price and those details that make it special.

3. By showing the property. Nothing beats someone who truly appreciates the benefits of the place, being polite and friendly at all times is essential. Both the property and its surroundings, building or complex is part of the decision elements of a lessor.

4. We suggest you against a rental insurance since this will protect you in case of any eventuality, the insurer is in charge of studying the possible landlords and according to their qualification it will proceed to issue the policy that has the cost of one month's rent usually.

5. Have a contract model that you have carefully reviewed to use in all your negotiations, there will always be space to negotiate, but it is important that you stop from a known base and that it provides you with security, it should be noted that we must always have the contract signed and if it is possible notarized.

6. It is very important to carry out an adequate inventory when the property is delivered, it must have photos and videos of the state of the property to facilitate the delivery process for both the landlord and the tenant.

At LARM we can help you with this entire process and clarify your doubts. Contact us here for more information.

LARM your home away from home!

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