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Efficiency in our processes:

We are proud to have been in the Colombian market for 20 years accompanying and assisting all those brave people and their families who said yes to relocate to our country and live a 360 degree change for their lives. This time has taught us that preparation is the key to the success of an international mobility process, that is why when we are notified of your transfer all gears start to work as one.

Now, we have primary information about your case but we want to know more about you and your family nucleus, what activities do you like to do? What is your favorite food? If you have any special health conditions? What are your expectations in Colombia? Among other data. For the above, we schedule a video conference with the participation of a relocation specialist and a Immigration specialist in order to resolve all your concerns regarding your process and give you peace of mind in the face of this new challenge that you have undertaken.

Additionally, with this virtual meeting you can meet the team that will be accompanying you and who will always be ready to help you in what you need and keep you informed of any new developments that may arise. It also helps us to generate an approach with you because as we always say, we become your first family in Colombia and who better than the family to be the support you need and to provide the security you need.

Finally, when we obtain this information we achieve an optimization of important resources because knowing more about you we know which options to provide so that the choice, for example, of housing, schools, among others, is quick and meets your expectations.

Don’t wait any longer and request our services in your international mobility process now!

LARM, your home away from home!

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