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Everything related to the bonus payment for your housemaid

In Colombia, when you are an employee, you have an additional income paid by the employer in June and December, which is known as the bonus payment. This bonus payment is a social benefit, a legal economic recognition in addition to the salary that the worker is entitled to and its payment is mandatory.

The bonus payment corresponds to the payment of fifteen (15) days of work, for each semester worked and as previously stated, it is paid twice a year. The first period of the year goes from the first (1) of January until June thirty (30) and the payment must be paid on the thirtieth of June and the second period of the year goes from July first (1) until December thirty-first (31) and the corresponding payment must be made in the first twenty days of December.

If the employee did not worked the full semester, the service bonus payment must still be made and is calculated proportionally to the time worked during the semester. An example of the situation described is the case of domestic service, since many times those who carry out this work only go to our homes for a few days, however this does not mean that they are not entitled to their service bonus payment.

The following are the ways to do the calculations:

• By semester worked:

Salary * x 180 days

360 days

• Proportional to the time worked:

Salary * x Number of worked days

360 days

* It is important to bear in mind that the transportation subsidy is included in the salary.

You should never forget this benefit of the service premium, because by doing so you are incurring in non-compliance of Colombian Law and you stop supporting the worker with this extra money, which in most cases, serves as greatly support in the household economy.

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