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Everything you wanted to know about the M-Retired visa.

Get retired is a time longed for all and received early for some. And for some others, once they get it, they start looking for a better, peaceful, with better life quality place to enjoy of it. If this is your case and are considering Colombia, here are some aspects to consider from a migratory view point.

Colombia has a visa category for those who enjoy of pension or independent income. To obtain this visa, you need to consider:

  • To count with certification that recognizes monthly payment of pension in an amount not less than three (3) Colombian minimum wages. It must be issued by competent entity or diplomatic or consular mission in Colombia.

  • It can also be valid to provide certification issued by a public entity or private company, recognized by the respective government, specifying the income paid in the name of the one applying for the visa, the amount of which may not be less that ten (10) current monthly Colombian wages.

  • All documents issued in foreign country must be legalized or apostilled, and if issued in foreign language will need to be translated in Colombia.

After 5 continues years and without gaps between visas, you can apply for residency.

LARM Colombia will be more than happy to revise your case and support with the application of this visa. If you have inquiries, just let us know.

LARM, your home away from home!

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