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Everything you wanted to know about the Migrant visa – Independent.

Are you a foreigner and want to practice your profession independently in Colombia? Well, we tell you that there is a Migrant visa that will allow you to do it!

The Migrant-Independent visa is aimed at professional foreigners who intend to settle in Colombia to practice their profession independently in the country.

The benefit of this visa is that it is not tied to any company, and you can sign contracts as an independent both with companies and with natural persons to exercise the activity/profession that was approved in the visa. This visa can be granted up to a maximum of three years and can be renewed as often as necessary as long as the requirements are met.

But what documents are needed to apply for this visa? The most important thing is to validate the professional title before the Ministry of Education of Colombia and apply for the license to practice if you have a regulated profession. You must also submit 3 work or experience certificates and bank statements from the last 6 months with an average income of at least ten (10) legal minimum monthly wages in force.

If you meet the requirements and wish to exercise your profession independently, at LARM Colombia we can support you with the process.

LARM, your home away from home!

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