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Evolution of Colombian Visas

Over the years, Colombian migration policy has evolved and along with it, visa regulations have been amended.

Until December 2017 there were three visa classifications: Business Visa (NE), Temporary Visa (TP) and Resident Visa (RE) that were divided into 21 subcategories. However, on December 15, 2017, Visa Resolution 6045 came into force, by which all subcategories were eliminated and reduced to only 3: Visitor Visa (V), Migrant Visa (M) and Resident Visa (R). The objective of this Resolution was to simplify and standardize migration processes.

But there has not only been an evolution in the categories of visas, but also in the way of applying to them. Since 2013 the electronic system was implemented so that through the digital platform the requests could be studied. The applicant had the option to complete the visa process in a virtual way or present himself in a personal way to carry out the visa process. But, since February 2019, the entire process is done completely online unless the visa authority requires an interview.

At LARM Colombia we are updating ourselves daily in migratory regulations and every time there is a change, we organize and restructure our way of operating so that the service with our clients and with our Transferred Professionals is not affected.

Our priority is to make this process a pleasant experience for our clients and that is why we are always at the forefront, supporting ourselves as a team and as a family.

LARM, your home away from home!

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