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Flowers Fair of Medellin 2022.

"The Orchid is the Queen of the Fair".

It was in 1957 that the flower fair began to be held in Medellin, with the aim of promoting tourism in the city, from that moment the traditional PARADE OF SILLETEROS began, but it was not until 1968 that the celebration of the fair would also take a historical sense of commemoration of the battle of Boyacá and the independence of Antioquia.

The traditional parade of chairs that for more than 60 years has been the icon of the fair is the event most awaited by natives and tourists of the beautiful city of Medellin, in which the streets of the city parade the most elaborate, colorful, large and beautiful saddles, on the backs of traditional peasants of Antioquia who are who proudly create these works of art worthy of an event of such magnitude where tens of thousands of people gather to admire them, and share in fair.

Also among the most outstanding is the parade of old cars, where the most important car collectors of the city and the country take their jewels for a walk through the streets of the Valley of Aburrá, with a theatrical staging by the crew of these beautiful vehicles, an event also highly acclaimed by spectators.

Not to mention the great concerts that are lived in the fair, for all tastes, the famous Festival of the trova, salsa, vallenato, popular music and even Rock.

The Orchid is the queen of the fair, in the orchid orchard of the city in the Botanical Garden Joaquín Antonio Uribe of Medellin can be contemplated the event in which viewers can appreciate more than 15 thousand varieties of orchids, learn and take home beautiful specimens of it.

Other plans at the fair are:

Visit fincas Silleteras in Santa Elena, shopping centers are also fair (ideal to take to the smallest of the family), visit must-see places in the city such as the Botanico Garden, the Explora Park, the small town, The park ARVÍ, commune 13.

Do not spare to give some recommendations to enjoy the fair:

  • For outdoor events in the day, do not forget to apply sunscreen, wear comfortable footwear preferably tennis, hydration and of course a good Paisa hat.

  • Do not take the pets because the sun and heat can affect them, choose very well what events to take the children of the house so that they are not affected by the crowd, the heat or the sun.

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