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Home office 2.0: A New Look at Technology.

By March 2020, "home office" and remote work were seen in the work landscape only as benefits for collaborators in any possible field. And despite having a large supply on the market, it wasn’t until the arrival of the pandemic in our working environment that technological tools literally began to be quoted on the stock exchange.

From week to week, we jump from having meetings in boardrooms, to doing them in the living room of our house. The management of our projects changed substantially and the same interaction with our teams became a creative challenge.

And just to ease this new dynamic to which we had to adapt, software development companies redoubled their efforts to put at our disposal a range of tools that a blink of an eye, made of our home office, a much more technological and bearable place.

How would we preserve our interaction as a company? Both inside this and with our customers, was our first big challenge. And as in a great ballroom dance, Zoom came to our door to mark the beat of the waltz called "audio and video conferences". But the others would not be left without enjoying this piece, Microsoft did its thing and renovated Teams, including features that gave companies a new dimension in terms of interaction. Google also did the same with Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting was consolidated as one of the largest video conferencing providers in the world and Discord appeared in the panorama, no longer just as a platform for gamers. The new range of tools suddenly transformed our way of interacting and today in our favorite app bar, we find, without a doubt, some of the previous applications.

And as we watched bloopers pass by, how meetings that previously retained a certain level of etiquette, became fun moments, scheduling our time, our team’s time, our tasks and the management of our projects, also bore great fruit. We knew old-school Kanban solutions like Trello and Microsoft Planner, but we didn’t imagine that they would be the cornerstone of the organization of our telecommuting. Planning, with the help of these tools, I certainly take a very different connotation, and today, the online monitoring of our teams, of our projects, the updating of our daily progress and in general of all our work, is within reach of a click, not only on our computers but also on our mobile device.

And hand in hand with finding the best way to organize, we also come to our day to day the feared Virtual private network, better known in the new world as VPN, which not only allowed the connection between all the computers of the company even being remote, but also gave us a new dimension in terms of confidentiality and security of information within the company. And it is from the hand of the VPN today wakes our computer, and with the blessing of the VPN, lies to hibernate.

But without a doubt a great ally and winner of the most complete technological dancer for the business environment in teleworking times, Microsoft takes it, with a complete suite of 30 applications ranging from the already known and renewed Word, Excel and Power Point, right up to the complete CRM Dynamics 365. That apart from being at the forefront in terms of user experience, it opens more and more the interaction to new integrations of applications belonging to houses other than Microsoft.

We will be today, thanks to the pandemic, in 15% of the exploration of all the tools that exist in the market, however, the big bet that we must make today, bearing in mind that telecommuting arrived to stay, is certainly to revolutionize the way you work looking for the greatest efficiency with the help of technology!.

LARM, your home away from home!

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