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Housing survey.

When you go to a new country one of the main concerns you will have will be where you and your family will live and how much budget you must have to be able to locate in a property according to what you need.

This is why, at LARM, we anticipate through different mechanisms that generate value and make your relocation process easier. One of the tools that we have at your disposal is the Housing Survey, with this option we can support you by conducting a real estate study based on your specific needs. You should simply tell us the type of sector you would like to live in, the average size of the property you would like to enjoy as your new home and a basic description of the requirements you would like to have inside.

With these requirements, as experts we will verify the availability of housing in the current market and we will be able to inform you what is the average budget that you must take into account to acquire your new home, Likewise, depending on the options that best suit your needs and preferences, we can schedule virtual or face-to-face tours.

We know that an international transfer can represent a great challenge, full of uncertainty and anxiety, so it is important that you have the best partner in relocation to be that helping hand you need and you can enjoy your transfer from the first moment.

If you need more information about our housing survey service click here to contact us or write to

LARM, your home away from home!

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