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How to prepare for the knowledge tests of Colombian nationality process?

Initiating your process of Colombian nationalization involves endless emotions, as there are various requirements and processes to obtain the expected response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia.

One of the points that generates greater uncertainty in this process is the presentation of knowledge examinations on the history, political constitution and geography of Colombia. For this reason, we will give you the following recommendations to prepare your exams and present them in the best way:

1) From the moment you start your application, do not wait until you have been notified of the exam submission date to study. The Ministry’s nationality division can take a long time to notify you and in doing so they can give you a very close date, so we recommend you start your preparation from the first moment.

2) On the Internet you can find some free and helpful tools such as political constitution, maps, geography workshops, books on Colombian history, among others.

3) To be able to talk with Colombian nationals about artists, recognized figures abroad, historical events, Colombian gastronomy, tourism, culture, art, among others. It will help you to have a closer perception of the country that will be a plus in the exam.

4) Internet videos, Colombian history movies, visits to museums and historical places will be an additional information that you can acquire for your exams and you can also spend a great time with family.

5) Finally, the best way to prepare for your exams is through our personalized virtual advice and accompaniment service with one of our migration experts, where the main topics that make up the exam will be addressed and where you can also solve any concerns about them. Our service also includes an exam model that has been built and updated over time based on the experience of other foreigners who have already taken the exam and you will also have access to a digital guide and complementary workshops.

We are ready to support you in your process! If you need more guidance or information about our service write to

LARM, your home away from home!

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