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Importance of personal data and confidentiality.

The digital age has brought with it great challenges and endless opportunities in all markets. The use of personal data has given the congruence of generating new forms of business that 15 years ago were unthinkable, this has boosted the economy of countries and especially the economy of companies, That is why, when we innovate and invest in technological infrastructure, we must base information support on the principles of transparency, purpose, legality, truthfulness and quality.

As we well know the information has become a fundamental aspect for the operations we perform every day, although not always the information is owned by companies, in the environment of considering that there are data that may belong to customers or users, what we commonly call personal and/or essential data of natural persons. For this reason, in recent years we have seen that this aspect has become very relevant to the protection of personal data in the business field, since many of the activities undertaken by companies are usually involved those sensitive and confidential data of a natural person.

That is why personal data information is one of the most important assets that companies have today, this information is relevant that there are a number of hackers who seek to take possession of it by different means. To name one example; ethical hacking attacks is one of the most common means since the people who handle this type of activity are experts who dominate the penetration tests of computer systems and software, in order to assess how to appropriate the information in a smart, fast and without leaving any trace.

In view of the above, and because the personal data belong to its owner and not to the entities that use the databases, initiatives have been launched around the world, which seek to protect the personal data held by private companies, public companies and governments; that is why in Colombia the Habeas Data Law and Law 1581 of 2012, are the main focus for compliance with the secure information safeguard given that these laws dictate the general provisions for the protection of personal data.

Today LARM COLOMBIA has focused its efforts on training all personnel in the processing of personal data and together with the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota we have armored our company so that all our collaborators follow specific guidelines that they makes it possible to control, safeguard and ensure the information of all our clients in information assurance modalities, in turn we have the certification of ISO 27001:2013 issued by SGS COLOMBIA SAS certification body, this additional component allows us to safeguard all our processes at corporate level and to have the necessary tools in technological matters, to provide a plus to our clients in everything related to the processing of personal data and the Habeas Data Act.

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