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Important aspects to take into account about new visa resolution.

At LARM, our greatest commitment is to keep you up-to-date on any changes in immigration regulations or relocation to Colombia. That’s why, in this article we will discuss the most important aspects that you should take into account with the entry into force of the new visa resolution.

The first aspect to take into account is that, the study time of any visa application will be 30 calendar days, extendable by the time required by the entity to review the application or make any query to other entities. Previously the study time was 5 working days.

If the visa is authorized the digital document will be published within 10 working days after payment. At this point it is important to mention that visa stamping on the passport will no longer be mandatory, this process will only be done when the visa authority deems it necessary. In this sense, the e-visa issued in PDF format will be the official document to enter and leave the country, so they will have to present it in physical or digital format. The e-visa has a verification code to confirm its validity.

Another aspect of great importance that must be taken into account is that, with the new visa resolution, it will be necessary for the passport to have a minimum validity date of 6 months at the time of making an application. Previously only the passport was required to be valid and with room for visa stamp.

On the other hand, the new regulation establishes a maximum of 3 requirements and a period of 10 days is granted to respond to them. In case of failure to respond within the established times, the request may be inadmissible or denied. For this it is necessary to have clear requirements and not to respond partially.

Finally, for visa terminations it should be noted that, the automatic regular stay for early visa termination will now be 30 calendar days and not working. Also, if the visa ends normally the foreigner will have 30 calendar days to leave the country or apply for a new visa. During this period, you will be considered to be in a regular migratory situation.

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