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Innovation as a fundamental pillar in LARM Colombia.

We are LARM Colombia; our name is Latin American Relocation Management. We have been helping brave families who have made the decision to move to a new country for more than 25 years. Our essence is to keep it small as a team, but big as a goal. Our family is made up of 35 team members located in Bogotá and Medellín and the main cities of Colombia. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, with closed borders and no expats to go with, we spend our time looking for ways to keep the whole team together, learn from each other and make internal changes to keep our house clean and tidy for when the time comes to activate our services for professionals who will be transferred.

The greatest achievement we had during this pandemic was the evolution to digital platforms of our guided tours. We call it Virtual Tours. We wanted to ensure that families who were planning to come to Colombia still had the opportunity to review the city, virtually tour the neighborhoods and take a look at potential properties. This is when we rely on google earth with excellent images and videos of properties finding an excellent solution. We receive nothing less than congratulations and excellent feedback from expats, their families and agents. Our idea was to take advantage of the quarantine, to avoid wasting time and to have an approach to the new city. And that’s what we have to do.

The second service we developed during this time is The Study Guide for the Colombian Nationality Exam. This is a new product that emerged as a result of our committee of new projects and innovation. The objective is that those foreigners who have lived in Colombia for more than 5 years and want to obtain Colombian citizenship have a support in the presentation of their exams. What we solve is the uncertainty of not knowing what the Colombian authorities will ask for.

he result: 100% foreigners who have taken the exam having studied with our Study Guide to take the Colombian Nationality Exam, have obtained their Colombian citizenship. Our service is as simple as it is useful. We share with the transferred professional a digital guide that we have built, but we also continue to update week after week; the guide includes chapters with information and a detailed description of each topic; a list of links where the expat can expand the information; a test model; and then we have a 2-hour conference call with one of our immigration experts that explains the content of the guide, and clarifies any questions that may arise.

According to the above, innovation is a pillar that moves our company every day and with which we want to stay for a long time.

LARM, your home away from home!

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