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International moving coordination

With this service we want to make the moving of your personal effects, furniture and appliances in relax and fast way, but following the legal protocols from the country where you are leaving as well as the country where you are arriving.

You can choose between air or maritime transportation for your moving, the first one is faster and as a consequence, expensive; the second takes more arrival time and the cost is cheaper than air transportation. The decision will depend on your time availability and budget.

You have to be prepare for an initial visit to your home in which there is going to be a revision of the size of your moving, this will have as a result the quotation of the service according to the volume of the things to move.

Since the move enters from a foreign country it is needed to make an importation process to enter it legally, for this process you will need to give a notarial certificate giving the moving company the authorization to make all administrative process for import legalization on your name. Also moving company will ask you different kind of documents according to your specific case, some of those can be notarized passport and national ID.

Once you have the confirm date for your moving, you have to inform the moving company in advance for it to plan a packaging appointment, the length of days for packing depends on the size of what is need to move.

Don not forget:

  • You have to be on the country of moving destination when it arrives since you need to sign and notarized documents.

  • Remember you will have 120 days after your last entrance to Colombia to make your Moving importation process.

  • If you make a Moving importation to Colombia on the last 5 years, you cannot make another.

When you move to other country there are many details to think about and LARM can help you to have a calm and efficient moving process.

If you have any questions please contact us to or here

We are waiting for you!

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