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International transfer of pets.

Actualizado: 23 oct 2020

The bond that is formed between a pet and its owner goes beyond a common relationship, since the company and loyalty they offer, apart from the need for their human, makes the pet become another family member.

When embarking on a trip to a new country, undoubtedly this member also plays an important role since everything that his transfer implies must be taken into account. To begin with, we must emphasize that the planning of our furry friend's trip must be done in advance, since although the requirements are not unattainable, there are specific dates that must be met for the application of certain vaccines such as rabies and deworming. In general, these must be dated more than thirty (30) days prior to the arrival to the new country where you are going to live. So, if the first rabies vaccination must have been applied at least one (1) month before the trip, we must deduce that the minimum age allowed to transport animals is four months.

It is understandable that we all would like to travel in the cabin with our pet, however this is not possible since factors such as size, weight and flight duration make the airline allow it or not. Regardless of the case, if our friend travels in the cabin or in the space designated for live cargo, we must also dedicate time to familiarize himself with the kennel, so our pet feels comfortable inside it and don’t see it as a terrifying experience since it can affect health within the trip. There are also breeds with which we must take special precautions when traveling since their nostrils are very narrow and they become susceptible to suffocation and breathing problems. Some of them are: Shar Pei, Boxer, Bulldog, Pug, Boston Terrier, etc.

Now, it is important to bear in mind that there are certain types of breeds that are prohibited from entering to some countries and if so, this implies making important and not easy decisions.

As stated above, each country has its own established and required sanitary requirements to allow the entry of a pet, however, a general of what is required is:

  • Vaccination certificate.

  • Veterinary health certificate.

  • Sanitary export permit and for some cases, identification chip.

  • Each specific case should be consulted with the highest agricultural and breeding authority of the country of departure and entry.

In the case of a pet entering Colombia, the following are the requirements:

1. Health certificate for each pet, no older than ten (10) days from the day of arrival. In this you must have:

a. All the characteristics of the pet: breed, age, color, weight, sex, etc.

b. The date of internal and external deworming (no more than thirty (30) days to the day of arrival)

2. Original vaccination certificate for each pet:

a. The rabies vaccine must be older than thirty (30) days and less than twelve (12) months

b. For dogs: Rabies, Carré's disease (distemper), Canine hepatitis, Leptospirosis (cannibal and icterohemorrhage), Parvovirus, Coronavirus, Parainfluenza

c. For cats: Rabies, Feline panleukopenia

3. Signed and authenticated power of attorney (format supplied by us)

4. Letter of Authorization for the release and removal of the pet (format provided by us)

5. Authenticated copy of the first page of the owner's passport

6. Authenticated copy of your citizenship card

7. Authenticated copy of the page where the last entry stamp to Colombia is found (minimum stay of five(5) days)

8. Copy of the ticket and / or passport

9. Traveler's declaration or signed DIAN form 530 (form delivered on the plane)

10. Pro forma invoice (format supplied by us)

11. Delivery address and contact telephone number

12. Circular 170 (format supplied by us)

At LARM Colombia we know how important your pet is to you and we are here to help and make the process of arrival to Colombia or departure, as simple and quick as possible. If you require more information about this, you can contact us here.

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