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Licence to practice and Professional Card

Did you know that in Colombia the exercise of certain professions and activities are regulated by Professional Councils? About 60 professions are regulated in the country and it is not enough to have the corresponding visa or degree diploma to be able to work in Colombia.

Professionals have a social responsibility for the well-being of society and there are professions that involve a social risk. That is why, in addition to demonstrating suitability through the degree diploma, they must also be authorized by the State to practice the profession.

Among the main professions that involve a social risk are all engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical, public accounting, business administration, economics, law, architecture, health professions (medicine, psychology, physiotherapy, dentistry, nursing, nutrition) among others.

If your profession is within the regulated professions and you intend to practice it in Colombia, you must request your License to practice or professional card at the corresponding Professional Council. For this, you must have a Professional Degree awarded by a Higher Education Institution approved by the National Government or having your foreign degree validated by the Colombian Ministry of National Education.

For their part, companies must request this requirement of their employees because if they do not have all the necessary permits, the companies may be sanctioned by the Professional Councils responsible for monitoring the proper exercise of the professions.

At LARM we want you to have all the requirements and documents that allow you to practice the profession legally, so do not hesitate to contact here if you require our support.

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