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Migration options for digital nomads in Colombia.

Home work or telework is already part of the labor dynamics of most countries and many people have benefited from this mode of work. Digital nomads, those people who require only an internet connection to be able to work from anywhere and remotely, have been increasing over the last two years and governments have begun to modify labor and migration regulations in line with this phenomenon.

In Colombia, a Visa Resolution project is being developed to include a Visitor visa for Digital Nomads. If this resolution enters into force, foreigners who wish to stay in Colombia may apply for the visa to "provide remote work or telework services, from Colombia, through digital media and the internet, exclusively for foreign companies, as independent or linked to work, or to start a digital content or information technology venture of interest to the country". This can be done as long as there is no remunerated activity with a company domiciled in Colombia and they could obtain the visa for up to two years.

As this visa category is not currently established, digital nomads will be able to enter Colombia as tourists for 90 days (extendable for an additional 90 days) and perform their remote work from Colombian territory. They may stay for a maximum of 180 continuous or discontinuous days in Colombian territory but may not have a work contract in Colombia or receive any kind of remuneration in the country.

For foreigners who need a visa to enter Colombia, they can apply for a Visitor-Tourism or Visitor-Business visa and perform remote work from Colombian territory, under the same conditions mentioned above.

Another option is for those digital nomads that are part of the member countries of the MERCOSUR agreement. With this visa that is valid for 2 years, they will be able to carry out any lawful activity in national territory including working and studying.

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