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Never in the history of humanity have we been as connected as we are today, thanks to the internet and the technological advances that day by day further reduce the distance gap worldwide. Our grandparents never imagined that today we could have celebrations, meetings, conferences, concerts, etc... Without needing to be in the same space, through a screen and one click.

We are living the digital age today and in a way that we did not expect, at such a level that, has impacted various aspects of our life such as work, We no longer only compete with people from our own city but compete with professionals worldwide as interconnectivity has broken down all barriers to social relations between countries. Another aspect of our life that has been significantly impacted is the way we relate with others, it is no longer necessary to wait a lot of time at home to use the phone but we can know in an instant how our family, friends and couples are through a message on whats app, a video call, a Facebook chat or Instagram posts. We can also find out what’s going on anywhere in the world with a single google search and have big debates with thousands of strangers at once on twitter.

We could say that everything is possible and with the passage of time many more paradigms will be broken thanks to technology and new discoveries that are made in this field.

At LARM we are ready to take advantage of this interconnectivity and be your ally, if you will have a transfer to Colombia or need support on migration issues you can contact us from anywhere in the world to all our channels such as social networks, website, or here. Also you can send us an email to:

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LARM, your home away from home.

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