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New 2023 European Union membership form.

Colombia has not been the only country to make procedural changes in migration matters, this year it became known the new initiative led by the European Union, which seeks to speed up the process of entry into the EU, at the same time as screening all travellers, even before entering European territory.

The new system called ETIAS has been created by the European Union for those citizens who are exempt from applying for a visa to move around the Schengen area, which number around 50 countries. It is important to mention that, this registration applies to travelers who intend to perform tourism activities or short-stay business or stays less than 90 consecutive days.

The ETIAS travel authorisation does not function as a visa, so they stress not to confuse it with a European visa, such as the Schengen visa, as these are different and incompatible documents, according to the EU. This will be a new mandatory requirement for entry to Europe for tourists of eligible nationalities who want to visit different countries for a short period of time for the activities listed above.

It is expected that, the form will be mandatory from November 2023 by all foreign citizens wishing to enter the countries that make up the Schengen area. Also, it is imperative to consider the following requirements to obtain authorization ETIAS:

• Have a valid passport

• Have an email account

• Have a credit or debit card

For more details of this new requirement, you can go to : or stay tuned/our contact and social media channels.

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