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New color code for waste separation.

Currently, only about 1,300,000 tons of solid waste are used in the country, of the more than 12 million tons generated per year, according to the Ministry of Housing.

The Office of the Superintendent of Public Residential Services also reports that in Colombia there are still 101 open dumps and 15 transitional cells, places where garbage is not authorized, but that they continue to operate in the face of the lack of control and public policies of management of the municipalities, entities that, according to the law, are responsible for ensuring that the cleaning service is provided in an efficient manner.

The separation at source was being carried out in a disorderly and ineffective manner in most of the country’s municipalities, in order to improve this process, the national government decided to unify through the adoption of Resolution 2148 of 2019 a color code for the separation of solid waste at source throughout the national territory, the providers of collection services, Waste recovery and treatment will be made more efficient and the task of separating waste at source will be easier because if a citizen moves from one city to another he or she will comply with the same guidelines.

The code applies to all companies, institutions and types of users of the public toilet service. The municipality or district, within the scope of its powers, shall establish penalties for users who do not comply with the colour code.

Then the colors and uses:

  • White: clean and dry usable waste such as plastic, glass, metals, paper and cardboard.

  • Black: unusable waste such as toilet paper; napkins, papers and cartons contaminated with food; metallised papers, among others. COVID-19 waste should also be placed in this bag or container as a stopper, gloves, etc.

  • Green: usable organic waste such as food waste, lawn and garden pruning waste, etc.

With this new strategy, the Government hopes to increase the separation rate at source and that this will be reflected in the fulfilment of the country’s targets for the comprehensive management of solid waste, but also targets such as reducing carbon emissions by 51% by 2030.

Likewise these measures will contribute to the environmental improvement of our cities, country and world; awareness of better waste management, recycling and resource use is the key to the environmental sustainability of our Planet.

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