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New types of visas in Colombia.

This year came with some changes in our country, and one of them was the new resolution 5477 of July 22, 2022 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which brings with it some modifications.

From September 30 to October 21, all visa applications will be stopped, and the digital platform will be disabled for the registration of applications.

The same categories of visas implemented in the previous resolution remain, however, the subclasses or activities allowed in each category are reorganized. Additions of permitted activities in these categories are also presented.

The most relevant changes are:

1. Visitor Visa:

  • Digital Nomad Visa Inclusion.

  • Inclusion of seasonal agricultural worker visa.

  • Inclusion of student visa (previously in the migrant category)

  • Religious visa inclusion (previously in the migrant category).

  • Inclusion visa entrepreneurs TLC (Description similar to what is currently known as intracorporate transfer).

  • Inclusion visa Promotion of internationalization.

2. Migrant Visa:

  • Stateless visa inclusion.

  • Visa inclusion Promotion of internationalization.

  • Inclusion of the Andean Migrant visa

  • Visa inclusion Father or mother of Colombian national by birth (previously was in the category of resident).

  • Inclusion of visa for Investment (previously it was in the category of resident).

  • Separation of Spouse visa - permanent companion. Those who have a civil marriage will be differentiated from those who have a de facto marital union.

3. Resident Visa:

  • Inclusion of a resident visa due to the application of the temporary status of protection for Venezuelan migrants.

  • Inclusion of Andean Resident visa

This information is essential and you should know it to avoid setbacks, contact us if you have any questions or comments!

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