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Non-Traditional visas

We live in a world in which it is increasingly accessible to travel to different places and new cultures, thanks to the advances and technological developments that have been implemented during the last decades. The dreams that most people have of visiting their favorite country are increasingly easier to achieve.

It is precisely this development that has driven several people to make the decision to immigrate to another country in search of better job opportunities or to pursue studies that boost their professional development. These are the main reasons why a person is interested in requesting information about the requirements to perform any of these activities in their country of interest and obtain a visa that will allow them to carry out that objective. However, we must bear in mind that there are also other types of visas that although they are not very well known, they are quite important for the person requesting them because of the specific need that they may have.

To mention a few examples, in Colombia it is possible to apply for a visitor visa with temporary stay to carry out medical interventions or treatment, participate in events as a speaker or make audiovisual content productions.

There are other types of visas as migrants, for foreigners who wish to stay longer in the country. We can mention the Mercosur visa agreement, (for nationals of Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay). The primary requirement for applying for this visa is to provide a copy of the criminal record certificate from the country of origin or the place where the person has resided for the past 3 years.

In order to work as a self-employed person, the foreigner must present at least 3 certificates of experience in the relevant trade or profession. In the case of a regulated profession (a profession that can only be exercised under conditions determined by law or legislation) the provisional licence or permit authorizing it to exercise it must be presented, in the case of an unregulated profession, the duly validated professional title must be presented.

For entrepreneurs, there is a migrant visa for being a partner or owner of a company in the country. The main requirement for this type of visa is the Certificate of Chamber and Commerce of the Colombian company where it is evident that the person made an investment of 100 minimum wages. This must be reflected in the subscribed and paid-up capital.

There is also a visa for foreigners who travel to the country for religious reasons, for this application as a main requirement a copy of the certificate of recognition and legal representation of the order must be presented, congregation or religious association issued by the Ministry of the Interior or by the competent Diocese or Archdiocese.

Foreigners who receive their pension in their country of origin but who are interested in residing in Colombia, can apply for a visa for this reason by submitting a copy of the certification recognizing the monthly payment with an amount not less than 3 minimum legal monthly wages in force issued by the competent entity.

It is important to bear in mind that any type of document that is presented in support of an application, which has been issued abroad, must be apostilled or legalized depending on the country of origin and translated if it is in a language other than Spanish. Although some people believe that carrying out these migratory processes can be complicated, the established norms aim to effectively record and control people who travel to our country, inform foreigners about their rights and duties during their stay and ensure the safety of Colombians.

At LARM Colombia we have an expert team on migration issues ready to guide and advise you. Contact us here to receive more information about Colombian visas.

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