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One way transfers.

As the global mobility industry is achieving its recovery in the "New normal" new modalities of relocation arise such as "One way transfers". These transfers are characterized by only covering the one-way relocation process to the destination country, as a final reassignment.

A current study by Airshare showed that one-way international transfers are one of the fastest growing types of policies. Their study found that 68% of respondents already have a one-way transfer in their policy suite and 50% anticipate an increase in their use.

According to the above Airshare states that, one-way packages can be equitable and profitable, offering lower management options for those companies that move human talent internationally. Some of the aspects which one-way transfers generate profits are:

• The cost of labor.

• The cost of living.

• The key incentives that can be offered for cultural adaptation in the final destination country.

The concept of "One way transfer" takes on more force and there are still many more advantages to discover about this new relocation trend for professionals around the world. Follow our articles where we will expand the information on this topic.

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