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Optimization of our School Finding Service.

In a relocation process all the details are important, especially our children who are also going through such an important change in their lives. For this reason, at LARM Colombia we advise and assist in the school, institutes and university search.

LARM Colombia has the expertise to make this a tolerable and timely transition process for the children and, the parents who are transferred may feel accompanied. We provide personalized assistance through a field relocation consultant, who will accompany the entire process.

  • We visit schools and/or universities according to needs

  • We coordinate and accompany the entire school selection process through meetings or virtual tours that each institution has prepared.

  • We advise on the documentation and requirements as needed before educational institutions.

  • Difference between calendar A & B are explained and how the Colombian school system works.

  • We clarify the equivalences of age vs grade.

  • We share information of the most appropriate schools options according to the children’s learning process.

  • We show school and university options according to the family’s budget.

  • We support with the payment coordination, if require and other procedures with the accompaniment of the chosen school or university.

We understand that the school and university system varied from each country, for this is why it is important to be accompanied by an expert, so that the chosen option is not a complicated process but on the contrary, it is a clear and agile procedure within the international transfer.

With LARM Colombia you will have the assurance that the school and/or university options that we will show are authorized by the Ministry of Education, which is very significant at the time when choosing the perfect one since not always these are according to your children learning process.

LARM, your home away from home!

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